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Poem 'The Big Guns' from my 'East of Ipswich' sequence was published in the 22 October 2016 issue of The Spectator. Four poems from the sequence ('In God's Prevenient Grace', 'Elysium', 'Tournai' and 'Wilf') were published in Ambit 221, Summer 2015.

Poem 'Home from Greece' was published on The London Magazine's website on 23 May. 'Chevening', from my sequence of the same name, was published in the magazine's Aug/Sept 2016 issue and is also available on its website here. There is a recording of me reading this poem for Poet in the City here.

Poems 'Wild Cherry' and 'Burning the Clocks' are appearing in the forthcoming issue of Structo magazine.

Poem 'Scotland 12 Ireland 8' was published in Oxford Poetry XVI.i, Winter 2015/16.

My review of Philip Gross's Love Songs of Carbon appeared in the TLS, No. 5909, July 1 2016. I have contributed to a PN Review supplement celebrating John Fuller at 80, which will appear early in 2017.

My review of Alice Oswald's Falling Awake was published on Caught by the River's website on 3 October; a piece I wrote on three new online poetry journals appeared on the same website on 16 October. My review of Adam O'Riordan's A Herring Famine is forthcoming in the same place.

My review of Bernard O'Donoghue's Seasons of Cullen Church is forthcoming on the Wild Court website. Finally, my Ambit review of Andrew Motion's Peace Talks is online here.

Mick Imlah: Selected Prose (Peter Lang, 2015), edited by me and André Naffis-Sahely, has received reviews in the Times Literary Supplement (No. 5890, February 19 2016), the Scottish Review of Books, Ambit, by Bernard O'Donoghue in Oxford Poetry (XV.III, Summer 2015), by Seamus Perry in the Tennyson Research Bulletin (Vol. 10, No. 4, November 2015), and The Next Review (Vol. 3, No. 1).

A piece André and I wrote about Imlah and the book is up on the Faber & Faber website, and book extracts are available on the Scottish Poetry Library and Wild Court websites.

A podcast of me discussing the book with The Next Review's editor, Patrick Davidson Roberts, is available here.

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Days of Roses

The anthology, featuring five of my poems and the poems of others from the regular reading event, is now available to buy.

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This poem appeared in the Times Literary Supplement
No.5433, May 18 2007

By the side door her van is parked
and bales lie side-by-side in the lane.
Was she here whilst I was showering,
lining yelm with her muff ligger?
Is it a good idea to call up
while she busies with her withy rod?

At elevenses, she comes down
for a builder's tea and a sandwich.
She stands against the ladder
scratching her gnat-bitten back,
stretching knees sore from the biddle,
braces unshouldered round her waist.

Seeing me in the window she waves.
I wave back, pretend to be busy.
Maybe she'll catch her forefinger
with the spragger and need me
to carry out first aid, play doctor.
But she's done this hundreds of times.

Her fulfilment is no empty cliche
about A Woman In A Man's World.
It's something I inhabit, a warm dry
that keeps me snug in the backroom
when I'm at my desk quoting a line
by Mao: Women hold up half the sky.

[Lady Thatcher]